Yes! You can own in Baja California, Mexico!

You can rest assured that you'll receive expert guidance in purchasing your seaside condo at Calafia Condos Resort and Villas. While there are several ways for foreigners to hold property, we recommend a bank trust, known as a fideicomiso, for purchases along Mexico's coast.

Coastal areas of Mexico are considered a restricted zone and include property within 62 miles of the United States-Mexico border and 31 miles of the coastline. Nearly all of Northern Baja California falls into this zone.

With a bank trust (fideicomiso) the bank serves as the trustee and legal titleholder. As the trust's beneficiary, you are the actual property owner and enjoy the same rights of ownership as in the United States. Your Calafia condo will be yours to improve, sell, rent, leave in your estate, etc., and you retain control of the property in perpetuity.

A fideicomiso is established as a 50 + 50-year trust. The initial term is for 50 years with the right to renew at any time for an additional 50 years, in perpetuity.

A Mexican notario publico, a licensed attorney in Mexico, will help you establish your fideicomiso. The notario will check on outstanding liens on the property and gather the necessary permits but will not go as far as securing the clear title.

Some U.S. citizens are still fearful about purchasing in Mexico. This may be due to disputes involving ejidos, ancient communal land agreements. Title insurance is the key to avoiding such disputes and is highly recommended for property owners. At Calafia, we work with the top title companies to provide our buyers with the peace of mind of title insurance.

In Mexico, land purchase transactions are often handled with cash, and closing costs can run as much as 5% of the purchase price. These costs include a mandatory 2% acquisition fee. Annual property taxes, based only on the assessed land value, are approximately one half of one percent (0.5%).

We have teamed up with the skilled real estate experts of Prudential California Realty’s Northern Baja Division to help make purchasing easier for our friends from the United States and beyond.

Come to Baja and live free from stress, time pressures and everyday noise. You'll discover what some of our residents have known for more than a decade: it's cost effective, easy and safe to purchase in Baja California, Mexico, with the help of experienced, dedicated professionals. We're here to assist you every step of the way.
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